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The Goan film industry has just started getting recognition in the film fraternity of India with the movie like “Nachom ia-Kumpasar”, directed by Bardroy Barretto which has set several benchmarks in the Konkani film industry. Now it is the time for K Sera Sera, directed by Rajiv Shinde to set another benchmark and new records. Rajiv Shinde is not the new name in the film and drama fraternity of Goa. In fact, he is one of the pioneers who started the trend of producing the quality film in Goa but may that was too early and he did not get the desired recognition then. But his latest flick has come with the bang.


Being from the field of journalism Ruchika made her mark in the entertainment industry. In a very short span of time, she became one of the most sought after event comperes of India. In the normal circumstances the journey to the destination is always filled with a lot of challenges but for Ruchika, it is completely different. According to her she never faced the tough time in any of her endeavors and in fact she enjoyed the every moment of it. Ruchika is the perfect example of an empowered woman who believes to live life in style and work with complete self-determination.


Bianka Dias, the Goan mountaineer, and adventure enthusiast loves the challenges and wants to get into a different kind of adventure. Starting young at the age of 12 Bianca developed the love for nature and adventure. She had a dream to work with the Indian Defence Services but due to some reason she did not join that and became an adventure enthusiast. Started with the NCC in the school, today Bianca is one of the Goa’s leading mountaineers. The Editor of Incredible Goa met Bianca do discuss her experience with the adventure and the problems she faced by her being a woman.


The Kashyaps are the most talked about couple in the town today. Both being the batch mate of the Sardar Vallabhai Patel National Police Academy in Hyderabad 2009 batch and have been posted in Goa in the year 2013 by the Ministry of Home Affairs Delhi. Priyanka and Karthik Kashyap, the duo Superintendent of Police have been in Goa for three years and they have been now transferred to Delhi. Although their transfer has been already finalised but they are still holding the charge till the BRICS summit gets over and will be in Goa until the end of October. Incredible Goa team meet the Goa’s most talked about a couple from the Indian Police Services (IPS) to find out about their experience and journey in Goa.


There are a lot of people who pursue their educational journey as per the wishes of their parents despite the facts that they do not belong there. The story of Trisca is similar to this. According to Trisca, she has been born with the singing talent. You can even call it a child prodigy as Trisca realized about her talent of singing at the age of two but her parents did not realize that this talent will take her one day to the heights in the world of music they have never dreamt of. They took her talent lightly as a hobby and sent her to study science. Talent is an emotion which cannot be suppressed by anybody and anything, it comes up one day and that is what happened in the case of Trisca.

AAP – Emerging Options Corruption Free Governance?

Like all over India, Goans also celebrated the festival of Diwali in its distinctive way. Every small community and villages burnt the giant-size effigies of demon Narkasur to cleanse their souls and surroundings and hoped their coerced existence in slushy corrupt public life would end soon. At least that is what was fond hope of every Goan when they collectively and wholeheartedly gave reins of power to Parrikar led BJP Government in 2012.


Aryan is a very well known name in Goa. He started his career with BIG FM radio as an RJ (Radio Jockey) in 2007 and slowly went to become a TV artist and Goan film star. Highly attractive looking personality with the height of around 6ft and very powerful voice made Aryan a perfect choice for the Goan filmmakers. The talent runs in Aryans blood. All his family members are connected with the various fields of art. No doubt that Aryan has fetched all those in his genes. We say that an artist is the one who has born with the qualities and in the case of Aryan this fits well.

Rajiv Singbal the Goan voice of Mohd. Rafi

Goa has an ocean of talent. Goans have gone places in various fields of art and culture. Music is running in the blood of Goans. Goan musicians have contributed a lot to the Indian music industry in Bollywood. When we talk about Goa and music the first name that flashes into our mind is Lata Mangeshkar but there are hundreds and thousands of more who have done their bit of contribution in this field making the music as a mission of their life but yet did not get the needed recognition. This time, I am going to tell you the story of one such person who is highly talented and yet down to earth and his contribution and dedication towards the giant of music maestro Mohd. Rafi Ji.

Khalil Ahmad, the Journey from book-worm to book-world

This is the story of the visionary book-worm who slowly and steadily went up to becoming the king of book world in Goa. Today no one can match a number of books he has in his St. Inez store spread up into 6000 sq ft area. The journey to this was not easy for him. He came to Goa with just a dream of setting up of his own bookstore and finally managed to setup the book-world in Goa. Let me take you on the roller-coaster ride of the success story of Mr, Khalil Ahmad, the owner of Broadway Books in Goa.

Swapnil Shetkar, Changing the face of Goan film industry

Swapnil Shetkar is a young and enterprising Producer / Director who made one of the Goa’s most talked about flicks, Home Sweet Home. This movie changed the entire perception of Goan Cinema lovers. The new era of Goan film began with this film. After the success of first part Swapnil dared to do the second part and this was perhaps the first time in the history of Goan film industry where the sequel of the movie was made.

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The Changing Face of Politics in Goa

Perhaps, Goans are the most simple and humble people I have come across till date. The kind of hospitality that you will enjoy in Goa will be seldom to get in any other part of the India. Although, Goa is very much part of India but people of Goa are completely different compared to the people in rest of the India. Goans love to dwell in Peace and Harmony. They like to wine and dine and partying whole night. But one thing they don't like at all is the intrusion of unknown people in their personal space. The people of Goa are highly reserved as far as the acceptance of any adaptation is concerned. Basically, they do not like the alterations in the existing system and when someone tries to change their mindset against their will and wishes than that is the end of their relationship with that particular entity. Under such circumstances, the political battle in Goa is spreading the different colours. Along with the existing political parties, the new players also trying to penetrate into the Goan politics. Does this changing face of the politics in Goa will be able to change the mindset of Goans? or the Goans will change the game? This article will give you the comprehensive insight into The Changing Face of Politics in Goa.

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