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Goa Tourism’s Swadesh Darshan Scheme is Designed For Inland Tourism Development

In one of the recent development, Goa Tourism has been allotted the funds of rupees 100 crores (99.99 to be precise) for the purpose of Coastal Circuit development under the Swadesh Darshan Scheme. According to the sources, the task of the development will be taken forward in the following manner, first of all, the coastal circuit in Bardez and Pernem will be taken up for the development followed by the Tourism infrastructure will be augmented in a big way in coastal areas. After that the proposal for the additional Rs. 100 crore each will be submitted for the River Circuits, Spiritual Circuits and Heritage and Tribal Circuits.


The culture of Goa, including its language, has defined Goa as a unique state in its own way. The native language of most Goans, which is also the official language of Goa, is Konkani which is now sharing another official language that is Marathi. The Konkani language underwent changes due to Portuguese colonization facing with gradual lack of usage and support. But however, it has recently revived due to the efforts of dedicated traditionalists. Approximately one-third of the Goan population recognizes the language of Marathi as their mother-tongue.


The Portuguese nationality or dual citizenship are the two sides of a coin. Goans holding the Portuguese passports are considered to be the dual nationals as they also hold an Indian passport. This privilege has been granted by the system to the Goans who were born in the state prior to 1961. The privilege was further extended to their children and grandchildren. How Goans get this privilege is not an issue anymore, but how long this privilege going to remain with Goans is the matter of concern at the moment.


Based on the information available from the sources, Goa has around six turtle nesting sites where you can spot the famous Olive Ridley Turtles. These sites are spread across four beaches in the south and north Goa and those beaches are known as Turtle Beach. The most famous amongst them is the Galgibaga Beach, situated in Canacona south Goa. The Olive Ridley Turtle is one of the species of small sea turtles with an adult carapace which is approximately 60 to 70 cm in length. The heart-shaped carapace is characterized by four pairs of pore-bearing inframarginal scutes on the bridge, two pairs of prefrontals, and up to 9 lateral scutes per side. Olive ridleys are unique in that they can have variable and asymmetrical lateral scute 6 to 8 counts ranging from five to 9 plates on each side, with six to eight being most commonly observed. Each side of the carapace has 12–14 marginal scutes.

Good News For Tourism Industry of Goa, More Russian Charters to Fly in This...

The tourism industry of Goa has been facing a steep decline in revenue due to the cut down on the foreign charter flights to India. The trend is continuing for past few years and tourism industry of Goa keeps sinking deep inside. But now it looks like the times are changing and there are better days ahead for the tourism industry of Goa. According to the sources, there are indications of growing inbound Russian tourists with the increase in Russian Charter flights to Goa.

Goa Carnival Parade Route to Change this year and There will be Cut down...

Goa Tourism organizes the Carnival Parade every year in Panaji to mark the rule of King Momo over Goa for the four days. During these four days, Goans get into the mood of holiday and merrymaking. Tourists from all over the world come to witness the Carnival in Goa and GTDC always takes this opportunity to promote the tourism of Goa to people coming from all over the world. Every year the floats take its existing route which starts at the old Secretariat and ends in Campal but this year there is the possibility of change in the route for the float parade, said the sources in GTDC.

Goa’s Adil Shah Palace gets complete facelift due to Serendipity Art Festival

Serendipity Art Festival Goa 2017 become the reason of the facelift of the Old Secretariat which was laying barren after the legislatures deserted it for the new assembly complex in Porvorim. The festival brought the new life to Adil Shah Palace in a true sense. Situated on the bank of River Mandovi in Panaji, Adil Shah Palace used to house the Goa Assembly till the time new Assembly Bhavan was built by BJP government at Porvorim. The festival changes the feel and look of the this Palace. The whole palace was covered with the lights and converted into an Art Gallery. People coming from all over the world to witness the festival had appreciated the work of the organizers and except for the few hitches the Serendipity Art Festival was a great success in Goa.


Surendra Furtado, a very well known personality who once again took over as Mayor of Panaji city for the second term. Mr. Furtado has always been the controversy due to various reasons and the most visible reason is his straightforwardness. Being very clean at the heart our mayor does not calculate the consequences many times before making the statements and that is what always puts him in trouble. I know Mr. Furtado for quite some time and always seen him working towards the betterment of the Panaji city, sometimes his plans may not be all that foolproof but his intentions have never been wrong. I met Mr. Furtado at CCP to get his views on the development and up gradation of the Panaji city that is facing lots of issues due to increase in population.


The Kashyaps are the most talked about couple in the town today. Both being the batch mate of the Sardar Vallabhai Patel National Police Academy in Hyderabad 2009 batch and have been posted in Goa in the year 2013 by the Ministry of Home Affairs Delhi. Priyanka and Karthik Kashyap, the duo Superintendent of Police have been in Goa for three years and they have been now transferred to Delhi. Although their transfer has been already finalised but they are still holding the charge till the BRICS summit gets over and will be in Goa until the end of October. Incredible Goa team meet the Goa’s most talked about a couple from the Indian Police Services (IPS) to find out about their experience and journey in Goa.

Goa Gearing up for Carnival 2017 – The Parade May Take Place on New...

The Department of Tourism is gearing up for Goa Carnival 2017 which is scheduled to be held in the state between February 25 to 28 with a major focus on the Traditional and Cultural Aspects of Goa, revealed the sources in the department. Another Major development that will be witnessed in this Carnival is the change of ‘Carnival Parade Route’ from Panaji to New Miramar - Dona Paula highway.

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The Changing Face of Politics in Goa

Perhaps, Goans are the most simple and humble people I have come across till date. The kind of hospitality that you will enjoy in Goa will be seldom to get in any other part of the India. Although, Goa is very much part of India but people of Goa are completely different compared to the people in rest of the India. Goans love to dwell in Peace and Harmony. They like to wine and dine and partying whole night. But one thing they don't like at all is the intrusion of unknown people in their personal space. The people of Goa are highly reserved as far as the acceptance of any adaptation is concerned. Basically, they do not like the alterations in the existing system and when someone tries to change their mindset against their will and wishes than that is the end of their relationship with that particular entity. Under such circumstances, the political battle in Goa is spreading the different colours. Along with the existing political parties, the new players also trying to penetrate into the Goan politics. Does this changing face of the politics in Goa will be able to change the mindset of Goans? or the Goans will change the game? This article will give you the comprehensive insight into The Changing Face of Politics in Goa.

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