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Goa Tourism’s Swadesh Darshan Scheme is Designed For Inland Tourism Development

In one of the recent development, Goa Tourism has been allotted the funds of rupees 100 crores (99.99 to be precise) for the purpose of Coastal Circuit development under the Swadesh Darshan Scheme. According to the sources, the task of the development will be taken forward in the following manner, first of all, the coastal circuit in Bardez and Pernem will be taken up for the development followed by the Tourism infrastructure will be augmented in a big way in coastal areas. After that the proposal for the additional Rs. 100 crore each will be submitted for the River Circuits, Spiritual Circuits and Heritage and Tribal Circuits.

Difficult Dialogues Summit 2017 In Goa Brought Several Key Recommendations For The Indian Healthcare...

Over the last three days leading healthcare experts, academics, policy makers, doctors, grassroots healthcare workers and other members of the healthcare fraternity got together in Goa for the Difficult Dialogues 2017 summit where they discussed and debated several key issues related to the India’s health and healthcare sector. Difficult Dialogues is an annual conference held in Goa that tackles the most vital issues facing South Asia. The second edition in the series focused on the question: ‘Is India’s Health a Grand Challenge?’ and several recommendations were generated through the brainstorming and immersion process.

No More Destination Weddings Near Sand Dunes in Goa, The Steps Taken To Protect...

Goa is famous for the destination weddings and its quantum is quite high in the state. According to the sources, Goa gets around 800 high-end weddings per year which naturally generates the huge amount of revenue to the state. But now according to the new developments, the destination beach weddings will be restricted on the Goan beaches and it will not be allowed in the eco-sensitive zones anymore. This may result in many businesses getting affected due to the government decision but saving the beaches of Goa has become the priority of the state government now.

A Tribute To Dr. T B Cunha, The Goan Patriot of Par Excellence

Tristao de Braganza e Cunha a Goan Patriot par excellence hailed as the “Father of Goan Nationalism” was born on 2nd April 1981 with a silver spoon in his mouth at his Grandmothers Palatial residence (House of Menezes Braganza) in Chandor, the ancient capital of Kadambas. His Father Dr. Ligorio de Cunha was a prominent medical practiotioner. On completing his primary education in Portuguese, he joined the Portuguese Lyceum for his secondary school education. But the pompous & unimaginative methods of teaching there disillustioned young Tristao so much that he made up his mind to give up his Portuguese studies. On convincing his parents about his interest in learning French, he proceded to pondichery, a former French colony where he sought admission in a French College & obtained his Baccalaureate (BA Degree). From there he sailed to Parid to join Sorbourne University where he took a Degree in Electrical Engineering. For a while he made his living as an Engineer in France in early 1920’s.

How 20,000 Goans managed to enter the UK with the help of Portuguese passport?

According to the information available from the reliable sources, around 20 thousand Goans managed to enter into various European Union (EU) countries with the help of Portuguese passport legally. No illegal business as the holders of Portuguese passports was authorized by the UK to travel and settle in any of the European countries without the need of a visa. Portuguese left Goa by converting hundreds of thousands of Goans automatically into the citizen of Portugal with the help of their birth registration in Lisbon and having the “Bill of Identity” even though they never set their foot there and this included the children and grandchildren of the Goans born before 1961 in Goa.


Based on the information available from the sources, Goa has around six turtle nesting sites where you can spot the famous Olive Ridley Turtles. These sites are spread across four beaches in the south and north Goa and those beaches are known as Turtle Beach. The most famous amongst them is the Galgibaga Beach, situated in Canacona south Goa. The Olive Ridley Turtle is one of the species of small sea turtles with an adult carapace which is approximately 60 to 70 cm in length. The heart-shaped carapace is characterized by four pairs of pore-bearing inframarginal scutes on the bridge, two pairs of prefrontals, and up to 9 lateral scutes per side. Olive ridleys are unique in that they can have variable and asymmetrical lateral scute 6 to 8 counts ranging from five to 9 plates on each side, with six to eight being most commonly observed. Each side of the carapace has 12–14 marginal scutes.

Tribal Festival Celebration in Goa is an Initiative of Goa Tourism Development Corporation

GTDC (Goa Tourism Development Corporation) is an entity of the Department of Tourism and it is responsible and engaged in promoting the tourism in the state of Goa. The two day Tribal Festival is one such effort of the GTDC to promote the rustic Goa and its tradition and culture to the tourists coming from all over the world.

Goa Tourism Welcome the ‘MEIN SCHIFF 3’ Passenger Cruise Vessel at Mormugao Port

The Passenger Cruise Liner ‘MEIN SCHIFF 3’ was welcomed by the Goa Tourism Development Corporation officials on 6th December 2016 at the Mormugao Port Trust, Goa Harbour at Vasco da Gama. According to the sources in Tourism Department, the Cruise Liner, ‘MEIN SCHIFF 3’ had started her voyage from Oman to India via UAE and will be going back to Oman Via Muscat. The ‘MEIN SCHIFF 3’ arrived in Goa from Cochin Port, said the sources.


Puja Mapxekar, a cute, bubbly and full of life type of girl and perhaps the youngest fashion designer that Goa has. Within very short span of time Puja has achieved the landmark in the fashion industry of Goa by establishing her label called “KANDIDA”. The journey to this success was not easy for Puja it took a lot of efforts and spent sleepless nights to reach where she is today in just one year’s time. Unlike the conventional fashion designers Puja does not design only for the rich and famous but according to Puja, her designs are made for the masses. How? You need to read the complete story of Puja here to know about her Endeavors.

Goa Arts and Literature Festival 2016 – Greatest Literary Bonanza in Goa’s History

The seventh edition of Goa Arts and Literature Festival is by far the biggest, broadcast and most spectacular literary gathering to take place in Goa from 8th to 12th December 2016. Goa Arts and Literature Festival 2016 Inaugural Programme, OPEN AND FREE to all, will be at 5.30 to 8.00 pm on Thursday, 8th December 2016 at Entertainment Society of Goa, Maquinez Palace Complex, Panaji - Goa

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The Changing Face of Politics in Goa

Perhaps, Goans are the most simple and humble people I have come across till date. The kind of hospitality that you will enjoy in Goa will be seldom to get in any other part of the India. Although, Goa is very much part of India but people of Goa are completely different compared to the people in rest of the India. Goans love to dwell in Peace and Harmony. They like to wine and dine and partying whole night. But one thing they don't like at all is the intrusion of unknown people in their personal space. The people of Goa are highly reserved as far as the acceptance of any adaptation is concerned. Basically, they do not like the alterations in the existing system and when someone tries to change their mindset against their will and wishes than that is the end of their relationship with that particular entity. Under such circumstances, the political battle in Goa is spreading the different colours. Along with the existing political parties, the new players also trying to penetrate into the Goan politics. Does this changing face of the politics in Goa will be able to change the mindset of Goans? or the Goans will change the game? This article will give you the comprehensive insight into The Changing Face of Politics in Goa.

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