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Construction or Destruction of Goa

Construction is the progressive way of development in any state. When the population grows the infrastructure needs to be developed but what happens when this development takes the shape of the monster of destruction? Goa is facing the similar fate today. Under the name of development, the destruction of the natural beauty of Goa had been going on. Who is responsible for this? The over ambitious builders or state government who wants to fill the treasury of the state or it could be some corrupt politicians who want to fill up their pockets? Incredible Goa has done some real research on this issue and here I am presenting you with the complete insight to it.

De-railing traffic system in Goa

With growing number of vehicles on Goan roads, the traffic situation is witnessing a big challenge. In last five years, Goa witnessed a big spike in the registration of new vehicles which had increased manifold. Compared to the last decade there is more four-wheeler on the road than, the two-wheeler. The entry and exit to the city get completely chocked in the mornings and evenings every day.

The Colonial Houses of Goa

The legacy of Goa lays in its colonial custom & culture influenced by the 450 years of Portuguese regime. The colonial architecture is the identity of the same. Goa has always been the subject to most visited place by the tourists from the world over. It's tradition, custom and culture have always been shared through the generations. Everybody visiting Goa would always want to explore its tradition and culture more. Many have decided to settle down in this place. But now Goa is seeking the special status and that would mean to avoid any further encroachment from the outsiders. The picture may be different then.

The Colonial Houses of Goa – Braganza House, Chandor

The colonial houses of Goa are the series of stories which we will bring to you in parts it is based on the in-depth research of the heritage houses of Goa. Here we are going to take you through the journey of the unknown giving you the bit by bit details of “The Colonial Houses of Goa” this will also include the brief history and present status. In this part, we are going to take you to the house of Menezes Braganza Pereira also known as Braganza House situated in Chandor.

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The state’s main income source is considered to be the Tourism Industry of Goa, and we can say that around 75% of the locals depend on the business that comes from the tourists coming to Goa. The Hotels, Guest Houses, Restaurants, and Shacks survive majorly on the tourism industry, and hence the healthy tourism industry is the need of a day. Department of Tourism is working towards the improvement of this sector, but the main organisation that looks after the day to day development of the tourism business in Goa is the GTDC (Goa Tourism Development Corporation), and the human powerhouse who runs this corporation is the Managing Director of GTDC Mr. Nikhil Desai.

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